Well fostered and healthy society, free from exploitation in which every individual   can get   equal opportunity for self development in the potentials, and can exercise   rights for a   dignified   life, with access and control over resources
Anandan (Mar)
Anandan (Eng)
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  Strategy :

Operative Strategy

  • Empowerment Process Initiation
  • Project-Program Implementation

Functional Strategy

  • Strengthening Self-help and Self-Governance Movement
  • Building organisations and capacities of marginalized people to enforce their rights
  • Strengthening pro-poor and justly governance and influencing policy for pro-poor governance
  • Mainstreaming gender
  • Addressing immediate poverty needs of the marginalized and poor people
  • Diversifying resource base through civil society and state
  • Revitalization of positive traditions in the partner community
  • Purging of negative rituals and customs in the partner community
  • Introducing new and tested solutions in the partner community


  • Let’s find our own way


  • Community learning and process evolving approach
  • Rights based Approach
  • Villager’s Self-Governance Approach
  • Sustainable & Secure Livelihood Approach
  • Community based Natural Resource Management Approach
  • Community based Rehabilitation Approach


  • Canalization of women’s initiatives in socio-economic-political uplift through self-help group movement
  • Capacity building of community based organisations for implementation to a large extent of their rights for life with dignity
  • Community recognition for local health traditions, natural resource management and community based rehabilitation approach for persons with disability
  • Few partner villages advancing towards establishment of local self-government having integrity with and influence over state and union government
  • Regional campaign/network initiation in particular issues of concerns and resource support group built up including media
  • Emerging community leaders and social activists from the staff


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