Well fostered and healthy society, free from exploitation in which every individual   can get   equal opportunity for self development in the potentials, and can exercise   rights for a   dignified   life, with access and control over resources
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Founder members of the organisation have developed ‘Social Change Perspective’ from ‘Sampurna Kranti Andolan’ (Agitation for Entirety or Total Revolution) in early seventies, leaded by the then youth icon Mr. Jayaprakash Narayan (JP). They were active member in ‘Chhatra Yuva Sangharsha Vahini’(CYSV), a youth organisation established by JP to struggle for fulfilling the dream of Entirety or Total Revolution.

Following Gandhian path, JP suggested the revolutionary youths to balance the equation of ‘Righteous Struggle’ and ‘Constructive Work’. After completing earlier young age of thirty, the youths from CYSV decided to devote their time and talents in constructive work balanced with righteous struggle.

In 1980s, a group of the founder members started addressing landholding and land encroachment rights issue and implementation of employment guarantee scheme (EGS) in Wadasa and Armori area of northern Gadchiroli district. They joined the ‘Jabarn Jot Andolan’ (Agitation for Land Encroachment Rights) leaded by socialist tribal leader Mr. Sukhadeobabu Uikey. They adopted trade union form of ‘Lakud wa Bandhkam Kamgar Union’ ( Forest and Construction Laborer’s Union). A remarkable success was obtained by them in establishing landholding rights of tribal farmers and implementing EGS in the area.

‘Apan Apala Marg Shodhu Ya!’ (Let’s Find Our Own Way ) was the method evolved while working in Wadasa area. Putting apart intentionally the learned ‘isms’ for social change and all the readymade solutions, people were facilitated to find their own way to solve the live problems. A kind of self-help movement was initiated by the founder members.

Further the group of founder members decided to concentrate more in constructive work in the field of their individual interest, interlinked and supportive to each other. For this purpose they adopted ‘registered society’ form in 1984.

Dr. Gogulwar is inspired by Gandhian heir Vinoba’s perspective on addressing health problems in its ‘wholeness of life’ and not mere administering medicines. He was interested in constructive work for ‘health revolution’ by addressing livelihood, water, etc. comprising wholeness of life. Methodology chosen was of course ‘let’s find our own way’. Hence the name ‘Amhi Amchya Arogyasathi’ (We for Our Health) was appropriate for the organisation promoted by him.

Mission :

Assisting marginalized people in ‘Empowering’ And facilitating them to be ‘Response-able’


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